Auto pilot

Auto pilot

When I hate something, I assign it power, I assign it control over me. When I love something, I do the same. And I say to others: you are responsible for my anger. And I say to others: you are responsible for my happiness. But that is not true.

I can choose how I see my position, my circumstances, and that alters the way I feel about them. What I usually choose is the illusion that I cannot choose. Because being aware of this, and generally being aware, threatens how I define myself.

It threatens what I'm used to, and what I'm familiar with. What I'm used to and what I'm familiar with is where I seek stillness, it's where I seek the antithesis of change. It's where I seek death. But change is constant, universal and eternal, therefor I suffer. What I don't know, and what I'm unfamiliar with is where I seek life. But I forget, that life is everywhere, therefor I suffer.

My suffering is the suffering of all living creatures, and their suffering is mine.

The auto pilot is off. Looking at the window, I can't see my reflection. Everything is here, yet, I'm nowhere to be found.