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A Lot of Shit Over the Past Few Months

To summarize it, I've been abused by an anti.

Fulcrum is an online antimap who goes by Fulcrum_CJG on Twitter. Why I thought befriending him would be a good idea, I don't know.

The first time we talked, I had been joking about him being a map. Which he took as an excuse to threaten me. He threatened to hospitalize me, made fun of my rape, and sent death threats. Mind you, I'm a 14 year old and he's at least 30.

Then he posted a suicide note, and I reached out. I told him I didn't want him to kill himself because, you know, I have basic human decency. He apologized (somewhat), and we were at least on good terms.

Then he harassed my friend.

I reacted how you would expect me to, and we very much stopped being on good terms. He later sent me gore, like your average 30 year old interacting with a 14 year old. Completely normal. And then he threatened suicide, causing me to have a mental breakdown. 100% normal, nothing wrong here at all.

Then I tell Fulcrum I want to be an anti. That lasted about a day before I almost killed myself.

Well, then someone tries to groom me. I came to Fulcrum, and he promised he would make me feel LIKE MY GROOMER DID if I helped him dox people. Because it's completely normal for a grown man to promise to replicate grooming a 14 year old if said 14 year old doxxed people for him. Well I gave Fulcrum said groomers face.

Fast forwards a while, and I find out my friend is a fucking child porn dealer. This really sucked. I went to the moderators of MSC (in which he was banned from the platform) and then I decided to vent to Fulcunt. Who tried to get me to dox said child porn dealer, which I was unable to do.

So that night, Fulcrum asks my drunk ass to post that I'm friends with him on Twitter. Because MAPs are known for accepting those who hang out with their abusers. If I had to guess an ulterior motive, it would either be to isolate me from the MAP community (it worked) or to figure out what MAPs think about him.

Oh, and then he asks me, still drunk, for a fucking selfie. Then he says he won't dox me. That didn't hold up. Poorly aged things, get over here.

Now put Areonthebat_ in the picture.

Areon is a 15 year old groomer and child porn trader. About as popular as you'd guess. Well I try to phish him (a felony), and Fulcrum replies with a fucking heart emoji and offered to help me.

Google keeps catching the phishing page, so instead I try to bruteforce him (which is also illegal). Fulcrum provided tips, and then asked “doesn't it feel good?”

A while later, I defend Fulcrum to NNIA. Get ostracized. Told to leave. Fun shit. My alter, Axel, steps in, and makes a document about me being manipulated because I'm too emotionally neglected to notice and instead flock to anyone who shows affection. I'll link it below, it has screenshots and shit.

So a couple nights ago, Fulcrum posted that he's going to dox Ezekiel, one of my friends. I messaged him about this, to which Fulcrum threatened to kill Ezekiel if I didn't dox Karta, a groomed 13 year old who Fulcrum doesn't like. I agree to do it but later end up growing a spine due to the encouragement of my friends, and softblock him.

He then messages me, confused why I unfollowed. I tell him that it's because he threatened to kill my friend, and he makes it into a joke. I yell at him a bit more and submit an anonymous thing to antimap tipline on twitter. Fulcrum, who has my phone number due to a fuckup on telegram, promised to dox me. I don't back down, and rather go public with all the shit that's been happening.

I get varied reactions. The majority are either saying I made it up (and then discrediting any proof I have) or just not caring. Ironic, considering that they say we let abusers go unnoticed in our community.

Anyway, those are my renditions of events.

My alter’s (less emotional) story: