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What Do Antis Actually Care About?

Most anti’s don’t actually care about kids.

A lot of MAPs – myself included – are kids. Yet I have 6 failed doxxing attempts against me, countless suicide baiters, and even rape threats. The rape threats were from two adult men. In order to protect children, they threatened to rape a 14 year old. Do you see the problem here?

A massive amount of the MAP community is made up of minors. This is most likely because when a MAP first realizes “oh shit, I’m attracted to kids,” they want community and support. They don’t yet know how to cope with their attractions, they don’t yet know how to prevent offending, and they’re scared as shit. Their friends, family, random strangers online, are all saying that the minor in question is an evil child molester. They might want to get their voice heard, or they may just want to be near other people who understand them.

What do antis care about then?


MAPs are seen as a deformed minority. Humans put so much value on sex and attractions, when someone’s attractions are against the norm the new sexual deviant is targeted. Humans are famous for attacking those who are different.

I believe that’s an evolutionary characteristic. If someone who looked very unlike your family wandered into your cave, there’s a good chance that they’d be dangerous.

Of course that’s ridiculously unnecessary in today’s world. America is a mixing pot now, whether it be other races or other sexual orientations. It’s all about the hatred, and always will be about the hatred.