MAP Support Club (MSC) is a community for minor-attracted people (MAPs) who are committed to never harming a child and are fundamentally against adult-child sex. It is intended as a community where MAPs can connect with one another, offer and receive support in difficult times, and overall just enjoy a relaxed atmosphere where one can have fun and not be judged.

Community Rules

To be part of the MSC community, you must agree to follow the following rules:

The basic guidelines of MSC are as follows:

1) You must be committed to never engaging in sexual activity with a child, under any circumstances.

2) You must be at least 13 years old to join MSC.

‎3) No admissions of serious illegal conduct that has not been legally adjudicated (charged/convicted).

‎4) No discussion about wanting to lower the Age of Consent (AoC), whatever it is where you live.

‎5) Controversial subjects are generally not permitted outside of specific channels for such topics. Separately, several topics are not allowed to be debated in public channels . These prohibitions do not necessarily indicate a stance by MSC on these issues, nor should they limit appropriate support. These topic limitations are intended to prevent conflict:

‎6) No avatar images of real children are permitted. Avatars of drawings of children will only be permitted if they are neither realistic nor sexually suggestive. It must be obvious that it is a drawing (i.e. cartoon/anime). This will be to the discretion of the moderators. If your avatar image is in violation of this rule, your avatar may be removed, and you may be asked to choose a new one that complies with this rule.

‎7) No offensive or sexually suggestive usernames, and no names of real child celebrities. If your username is in violation of this rule, you may be asked to change your username to comply with this rule.

‎8) No quoting of anyone outside MSC without permission from the person being quoted. This includes posting screenshots of MSC elsewhere on the internet.

‎9) No disclosing personal information about a member trusted to you in confidence to other members, or to the outside public. This can be grounds for permanent banning.

10) No sexually explicit or arousing descriptions or media.

‎11) No images or videos of children if they would be arousing to an average minor-attracted person (shirtless, swimsuit, underwear) or are posted to gratify an attraction known to be shared by members in the discussion. This is to avoid triggering people who may not want to see such content, and to keep discussion focused on support.

‎12) No images or videos of children or links to such content if they are posted primarily for the sake of sharing kids. If relevant to an ongoing discussion, an occasional image will be allowed as long as it doesn’t violate rule #11. This is to avoid creating a culture where we sexually objectify children.

‎13) No nudity, pornography, erotica, or erotic fictional content in any form, nor any talk about how or where to access such materials, or requests for such materials, even if legal in your area.

‎14) Treat other members and groups of people with respect if you disagree with their opinions, no harassing or attacking others.

‎15) It is permitted to express feelings of distress or shame you have about your unchosen attractions or your behavior. It is not permitted to shame other people for having particular unchosen attractions or sexual/emotional desires, no matter what level of shame you feel may be appropriate according to your values.

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